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HubSpot CMS web design Oxford

Posted by Laurence.

Specialists in Hubspot web design and build At Caro Creative we are currently working towards becoming a HubSpot Certified Design Partner. This will mean that we can design and build websites for both new and existing […]

Most popular e-commerce website platforms in 2015

Posted by Laurence.

This year has been very strong in the development of e-commerce website design. Besides the rapid development of e-commerce, the needs to build online shop websites also increased. Therefore, the technology to build a website in […]

The Ultimate WordPress Website Launch Checklist

Posted by Laurence.

The ultimate WordPress website launch checklist Ah, there’s nothing quite like the day you launch a new WordPress website. All the weeks and months (hopefully not years!) you’ve spent planning, coordinating, organising, designing and developing […]

Will a website redesign hurt my SEO and SERP’s?

Posted by Laurence. Tags: ,

I get asked this question a lot when building new websites for my clients. Your average Joe website designer will know how to design a site and put it live but they probably don’t know […]

My web design checklist for going live

Posted by Laurence.

All of a sudden the site you have been working on for months is approved and the client wants it live. However, things can still go horribly wrong if you are not prepared. We’ve all […]

How the web design process works

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , ,

My web design process Today anyone can design a website, but not everyone should and not everyone can build them to a high standard. Anyone can build a template site using an online generator but […]

What does web design actually cost?

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , ,

What does website design actually cost? I get asked this all the time and the answer is always the same: it really depends on what the website is going to do! Every website design project […]

Some great free WordPress tips and plugins for February

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , , ,

Since I started as a front-end WordPress developer in Banbury I have already picked up some great WordPress tips and new plugins. Here is a quick summary of my favourite tips. WordPress tips and plugin […]

Clearing Default Field Values on Gravity Forms

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , , ,

Clearing Gravity Forms default values on click I have recently started using the WordPress Gravity Forms plugin since I started as a Web Designer at the start of the year. It is a great plugin! […]

Increase Your Website Speed

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , ,

Increase your website speed From having worked on hundreds of different websites and also browsing the internet daily one thing that I am sure of is that I hate it when a website takes ages […]

Responsive website re-design for Hanwell House

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , , , , , ,

Website re-design for Hanwell House Hanwell House bed and breakfast in Banbury came to me in search of a website redesign of the existing static HTML/CSS website. They had the website design created by a […]

11 reasons why WordPress is better than a bespoke CMS website

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , , , ,

11 reasons why WordPress is better than a bespoke CMS website I have just had my second Brighton SEO conference over the last two days and after having a discussion with another SEO’er I wanted […]

How do I move a WordPress site

Posted by Laurence.

How do I transfer my WordPress site? I’ve had to move WordPress sites more times than I would like to imagine! It’s not a painful exercise but can be confusing if you are new to […]

Prevent your Joomla! site from being hacked

Posted by Laurence.

Joomla! 1.5 series websites targeted by hackers Websites running the first versions of Joomla! are becoming increasingly targeted by hackers. I dont build websites on Joomla! personally prefering to build most of my sites on […]

10 web design tools every web designer should be using

Posted by Laurence.

Amongst the many mince pies, beer and festive foods over the last two days I thought I would just fit in a quick blog post showcasing some tools that I have used every working day […]

Planning Your Website

Posted by Laurence.

What is your website about? A nice simple question but one that will impact upon everything else you do. Even thebiggest of sites can be summarised easily and ideally you can describe what your site […]

Four Critical Web Design Rules

Posted by Laurence.

Four Critical Web Design Rules “Content is King! If you want a website to generate back-links and have quality content the search engines love, be sure to make it readable by both people and search […]

Most Important Skills for Efficient Web Design

Posted by Laurence.

Most Important Skills for Efficient Web Design Web Designing is a very broad field. The more attractive website the more people will be attracted to it. With other important factors, an appearance of a website […]


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