11 reasons why WordPress is better than a bespoke CMS website

11 reasons why WordPress is better than a bespoke CMS website

I have just had my second Brighton SEO conference over the last two days and after having a discussion with another SEO’er I wanted to write a quick blog post about why we should use open source systems for web development. Here are 11 key reasons why WordPress  is one of the biggest CMS systems in the world and why I have chosen to develop client sites on the WP platform rather than build a custom platform.

wordpress-site-speed1. Frequent updates available for speed and security

When the newest version of WordPress comes out, all one needs to do is backup your site (there are a variety of backup plugins for WordPress) then click on the upgrade button. Similarly, plugins upgrades are just clicks within the administration panel.

best-blogging-platform2. Historically a blogging platform (good for SEO)

You can set up a blog within your WordPress website and create the ability to add new content often to your site. With a blog, you also get feedback and engagement via comments. Readers that like your content will be tweeting or sharing your content on popular social media platforms, giving your business more exposure. Although the blogging capability lies at the heart of WordPress, its possibilities stretch far and wide to e-commerce stores, real-estate, restaurants, job boards, on-line directories, classified ads, dating sites and more.

rss-feed-subscribe3. Default RSS feed subscription for readers

Your website comes with a built-in RSS feed, so readers can follow your posts in their RSS readers. You can also use the feeds that come built-in with WordPress to set up an email list.

web-design-agency4. Not tied in with an agency system license

With bespoke CMS systems you can sometimes be tied in with a web design agency. WordPress designed websites are future-proof and scalable and the website and code is all yours! If it comes to it that you have to move web design agencies than it is easy to do with the open source WordPress platform.

notable-wordpress-users5. The big guys are making the most of WordPress

You’re in good company if you use the WordPress CMS system for your website. Brands such as Mashable, The New York Times, CNN, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Sony, FlickR, Ben & Jerry, Top Gear and VW all utilise  powered by WordPress. You can see more notable users of the WordPress platform here.

wordpress-updates6. Total control on updates and changing your website

You will find when using WordPress that it becomes quite addictive, with new plugins and themes being released at a phenomenal rate, you find yourself learning new skills and tips every day. With WordPress being quite fool proof, it gives you the confidence to explore new things as your website and business grows.

guest-bloggers7. Multiple contributors and guest bloggers know how to use your system

You don’t have to have a team of WordPress website designers on hand to manage a site that works well for your business, but it will help if you can pursued more than yourself to contribute posts and content, you will half the amount of time that you spend adding the unique and fresh content that Google and other search engine love. WordPress make it simple for you to add contributors to your website and easily set privileges so that people can only have access to the admin panel of your website.

increase-search-rankings-with-wordpress8. Move quickly and organically up the search engine rankings

WordPress also makes it easier to optimise your search engine results. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which means people are more likely to find you. You more than likely found my website via a Google search or on social websites.

wordpress-community9. Large community support – it’s popular!

When a user-base as large as WordPress exists, you will be able to find plenty of blogs, forums, and tutorials to answer your questions. Additionally, if you need to hire a developer or designer, there’s a large community ready and willing to tackle your WordPress requirements.

wordpress-design-for-users10. WordPress is designed with end-users in mind

You can be assured of a user-friendly experience when using the software. Of course, there will be a learning curve as there are with all software programs, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it is extremely intuitive and logical.

wordpress-is-here-to-stay11. WordPress is here to stay – future-proof

Given its growing popularity, you can be sure that this is one software package that’s with us for the long term. And in business terms, that translates into stability and peace of mind for you. I now only develop sites on WordPress, Magento and static CSS/ HTML websites that aren’t database driven.


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