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Business owners and webmasters need to understand the importance of having a good website, especially during the current economic climate. Is your website not being found on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing? Need more visitors to your website who want to buy your products or services? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then you’ve come to the right place. Caro Creative can make your WordPress website more “search engine friendly”.

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SEO doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With all the hype surrounding Search Engine Optimisation, it’s clear to see that it comes with a variety of benefits, however, you still want to know what the benefits are before parting with your hard-earned money.

SEO services

Search engines use many different factors to determine the importance and relevance of your website. Search engine optimisation services measure, improve and refine both the relevance and strength of your site thus enabling search engines to favour your site over your competitors.

When a user searches, they type in a set of keywords, and are presented with a series of results. The more relevant and authoritative your website, the higher up the results page it will appear. That’s where SEO services can assist you in presenting your site effectively by optimising on-page and off-page factors to ensure it ranks highly for the all important search terms.

More and more companies are using search marketing services in the UK. To capitalise on that vital organic search traffic, you need to ensure your business isn’t left behind. You need to ensure that your website content is searchable and shareable.

How much does your SEO service cost?

I will workout a monthly fee based on the competitiveness of your desired and my suggested keywords as agreed with you to ensure success of my search engine optimisation services. I take a number of factors into account when doing this:

Remember: I can provide monthly reports so you always know where your website is ranking.

How do I get started with an SEO agency and their SEO services?

We provide SEO services for UK companies as well as businesses all over the world. All we need for a quotation is:

Choose as many keywords as you like: we’ll research into these and let you know of the keywords/ phrases which we think you can benefit from.  The beauty is, this my SEO services are flexible and can grow with your business.

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