My Web Design Process


My web design process

Today, anyone can design a website, but not everyone should and not everyone can build them to a high standard. Anyone can build a template site using an online generator but will it get you found and will it bring in business? Building a website is more than just design, code, and technology. Building a website is like crafting a story, and like all exceptional stories, an exceptional website design is a result of an exceptional process.

Step 1 – Definition

Talking with you is a huge part of how I create websites. I want to know about you, your company, your staff, your products and services, how your company was started, why it was started, what gets you up each morning, and why you want a website and most importantly what your new website needs to do for your business. I want to know your story so that I can craft a website to tell your story to prospects and customers in a way that will help them fall in love with your company and give you their business. I also want to understand about the different personas that you expect to visit your site and what they will be doing when they are on the site. A journey from the home page can be tailored to each different persona.

Step 2 – Design

After we have spent time learning about you and your company, I will then begin the process of designing your website. This process consists of two steps. The first is a wireframe, which is the basic layout of your website. This is a very simple version of your site and is the building block to the next step which is where I actually design the site that you and your website visitors will see and and use. The wireframe will show how parts of the site will function and how elements will be positioned on the page. The design concepts will be the visuals you will be itching to see!


Step 3 – Discussion

At various stages of the design phase mentioned in step two I will come to you for feedback and approval in signing off this part of the website design process. Your feedback during the design phase is extremely important as it will be used to make amendments to the layout and design before I actually start the development and build of your website in step four.

Step 4 – Development

Once the design phase is complete I can then begin writing the actual code that will build your website for the web. All of my websites are built using the open source WordPress platform, a state of the art content management system (CMS) which powers 20% of all websites online. It really is the best website system out there. This website is built using WordPress so I know it inside out.


Step 5 – Launch

Once development, testing, and final amendments are finalised, I handle the entire launch process to get your new website online and available to your online audience. If you do not already own your domain name or have a hosting account setup, you’re in good hands. I offer tailored hosting and domain name registration services to give you one less thing to manage and worry about!

Step 6 – Optional maintenance

Once your website has launched I offer a completely optional maintenance program. I can help with backing up your website, maintaining plugins, blogging on a regular basis and also making any general updates to your content to keep your website fresh and up-to-date.

I am always excited to hear from you and discuss how I can help with your current website design and development needs.


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