Most popular e-commerce website platforms in 2015

This year has been very strong in the development of e-commerce website design.

Besides the rapid development of e-commerce, the needs to build online shop websites also increased. Therefore, the technology to build a website in general, building e-commerce websites in particular are being earmarked for the development and upgrading to help customers more easily to use and support more useful features.

To create an e-commerce website, we can mention a lot of different open source platforms. To be able to help those who are in need of building an online store you need to find an appropriate solution that will meet the requirements. In this blog post I will introduce to you the top 3 most popular ecommerce platforms in 2015 starting with my preferred platform which leads the way with over 31% of the market – WooCommerce.

1st. WooCommerce (31.6%)

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world with over 31% market share. Developed since 2008, over the long-term development woocommerce has gained trust from many users. Thanks to the very powerful features, convenience and frequent updates WooCommerce has become an ecommerce platform used by more than 400,000 websites worldwide.

Maybe we do not need to talk more about this platform, it is no coincidence that Woocommerce are on top of the chart.

2nd. Magento (12.5%)

Magento is a very famous name; this is a dedicated platform to create ecommerce websites. Magento be appreciated thanks to the powerful features, huge community and the supports from many developers. In addition, we can easily search and use many Magento extensions or Magento themes on market place to add/upgrade the features of your sites.

Magento always be a good choice to building an ecommerce website!

3rd. Shopify (7.5%)

Shopify is an ecommerce solution which help you can create an ecommerce store easily without knowledge about hosting/server. Special, Shopify support many of the features for the sales through mobile devices (smartphone, tablet…).

With many different prices for the different plans (Min: $9 for Lite, Max: $179 for Unlimited version), customers can choose the plan which is the most suitable for their business.

Other e-commerce web design platforms

E-commerce platforms in 2015

In over 6 years of building websites I have used a wide range of systems from WooCommerce, Magento and Virtuemart and the clear winner for me (yes, I’m a huge WordPress fanatic) is always WooCommerce. As explained “Woo” is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world with over 30% of the market share. It’s not just me that backs it! :)

The security and frequent updates for me is a massive plus. E-commerce owners don’t want to have to worry about that side of the business. They should just be able to focus on selling and managing orders. For these reasons and many more I won’t be changing e-commerce platforms any time soon.

WordPress with WooCommerce just seems to cater for pretty much any size business. I recently worked on and launched the new Bronnley (yep, the posh soaps) website and it just works for them. They now have the robust, powerful WooCommerce platform for the e-commerce side of things and in my opinion, they also have the best blogging platform on the web through the core WordPress system.

If you would like assistance with your project or simply want some advice with your online shop please get in touch.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.




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