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Most Important Skills for Efficient Web Design

Last updated: Sunday June 17th 2012
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Most Important Skills for Efficient Web Design

Web Designing is a very broad field. The more attractive website the more people will be attracted to it. With other important factors, an appearance of a website plays a major role in website publication. A good website must have a good and appealing design also the content should be properly managed in order to get more views. It is a very interesting and creative skill but is a time consuming task. The following ten essential skills are necessary to succeed as a good web designer:1. Writing and editorial skills- Effective wording is of great importance in the success of web pages. You should have the basic knowledge of JavaScript and Ajax too.2. Holistic Circumspection- The ability to look at a problem from different angles at the same time, so that you can find a solution of all the various requirements, goal, and risk factors.3. Graphic Design Theory- Graphic design theory works at many stages, from the surface effect to the core basics of layout and spacing.4. Listening and Discernment- Listening and discernment is very essential. The most fundamental, radical requirement should be on the clients requirements.5. Self-learning- You need to learn new styles, techniques, and constraints every time you start to work, This comes in self-learning. It is of great significance to move forward in the field, the more you learn new things the more you improve your skills and knowledge.6. SEO- Optimizing your pages for search engines is a necessary element in web design and is of great importance. SEO skills are required to increase the traffic towards your site and also for the quality content of the website.7. Creative Graphics- A website should have a creative design for attractive appearance. You should know how to use Flash for animation and vector graphics of the web page. It also includes the skills of Photoshop i.e. you should learn how to use Adobe Photoshop in particle to make more admirable graphics.8. Page production using HTML & CSS- Page production using XHTML/HTML & CSS is more efficient and besides that, understanding whats possible and doable in HTML & CSS is vital for SEO, usability, and accessibility. HTML and CSS knowledge is very important and a web designer should learn them effectively, if you dont know CSS you wont be able to design cutting edge websites.9. Business sense- You should have awareness and should know the basics of how business works so that youll be able to take decisions when faced with business choices. Also some knowledge of project management is necessary if you come across any project youll be able to manage it.10. Typing- Most of the designers use more text than graphics. All HTML, CSS, PHP etc. are hand coded, as you spend a lot of time at the keyboard so fast typing skill is required, the faster you can type, the more stuff you can get done.Apart from these top most essential or important skills a person should be firstly talented and creative for becoming a web designer.

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