Increase Website Speed

Increase Website Speed

Increase your website speed

From having worked on hundreds of different websites and also browsing the internet daily one thing that I am sure of is that I hate it when a website takes ages to load! Isn’t it annoying when you are looking to research or buy something on-line but the site you are on doesn’t want to load. As soon as this happens most people will get bored and frustrated and hit the ‘X’ in the browser and move on to another site, perhaps a competitor…

As an SEO I have seen that website page load times may have an affect on your rankings in Google and the other search engines. All of the major search engines want to provide users with a great user experience and a fast site improves overall site quality and increases user satisfaction. Everybody deserves a fast web experience.

What determines website page speed?

There are many website speed tools and plugins on-line that can evaluate your website against the widely accepted rules of website performance. The problem is, they don’t tell you what to do with the information they provide. The information can be very technical and the recommendations can’t be implemented by the average webmaster.

I offer my services to break down such recommendations and also how we can implement these to improve website speed for your site visitors.

How to find the website speed?

There are lots of professional tools to find your website speed. You will also get valuable suggestions to improve your website speed . Here I want to share some of the free tools to check your website speed. So you can easily check the website speed and see if your site can be optimised for fast loading times.

Have your site analysed

The first problem is that a lot of times website owners do not realise that their own site is slow. Once you visit a website, your browser usually caches a lot of resources, storing them locally on your computer and reducing the page load times. However, new site visitors won’t have anything cached from your site yet, so they’ll see your site at its slowest.

Pingdom has a great free tool that shows you each of the various components that are downloaded when someone visits your website. Not only does it tell you what was loaded, it also tells you how long it took to load each item.

You should run a report on your site right now!

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