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HubSpot CMS web design Oxford

Hubspot web design and build
Last updated: Friday December 23rd 2016
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Specialists in Hubspot web design and build

At Caro Creative we are currently working towards becoming a HubSpot Certified Design Partner. This will mean that we can design and build websites for both new and existing HubSpot customers. These act as powerful marketing hubs and each one is optimised for inbound marketing and lead generation.

Imagine a website that dynamically adapts to the user, a website that you can edit yourself, a website that gives you full control over all your marketing, from blogging, social media, email marketing, analytics and market automation, all in one place….that’s the Hubspot COS.

HubSpot CMS web design Oxford

The HubSpot CMS web design back-end editor

The benefits of HubSpot’s COS

HubSpot’s CMS, the Content Optimisation System (COS), combines content and context to create rich, personalised experiences for everyone viewing your website, blog, landing pages and emails.

Its benefits include:

  • Optimised for mobile with responsive design
  • Personalisation via dynamic content, intelligent forms and smart CTAs
  • An integrated hub for every marketing channel
  • Fast and secure

Why choose a Hubspot COS website?

Typically, websites talk to users in a similar way. Users today expect more from a website experience. Once a customer has made a purchase from you, shouldn’t they be treated to a different experience to a new customer?

Personalising content to the user, or content with context means that Hubspot COS websites are far more effective at converting website visitors into customers.

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