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The new HTTP/2 – Faster WordPress websites, improved SEO

Posted by Laurence.

Everyone wants their WordPress site to perform better. With Caro Creative, you can rely on us to ensure your WordPress website is hitting all of your performance targets and providing site visitors with a fast […]

How to add SSL and HTTPS to your WordPress website

Posted by Laurence.

Installing SSL (https) on a WordPress website Are you looking to move from the standard HTTP protocol to HTTPS and install a SSL certificate on your WordPress site? This blog post will show you how to […]

Increase Your Website Speed

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , ,

Increase your website speed From having worked on hundreds of different websites and also browsing the internet daily one thing that I am sure of is that I hate it when a website takes ages […]

Google Trusted Stores for e-commerce websites

Posted by Laurence.

Shop with confidence with Google Trusted Stores The Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web. Google allows merchants who meet certain shipping and customer service performance metrics to participate in […]

The real deal behind heading tags (H1, H2 & H3)

Posted by Laurence.

Use H1-H6 HTML Elements Properly How many times have you heard an SEO consultant go on and on about getting H1, H2 and H3 tags straight? Many times obviously. The usage of H1 tags in […]

Think Visibility 7 – SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media…

Posted by Laurence.

Search, Social Media & Affiliate Conference I attended my second ThinkVisibilty event which is held at the Alea Casino in Leeds twice a year. The events which is organised by Dom Hodgson covers everything that […]

SEO dos and SEO don’ts

Posted by Laurence.

Increase traffic to your website Increasing traffic to your website can be done in many ways. If word of mouth, email marketing and keeping your fingers crossed hasnt worked yet, then it is high time […]

SEO On-Page Optimisation Tips

Posted by Laurence.

SEO Optimisation Tips Many SEO companies and SEO consultant professionals often overlook the fact that on-page optimisation is also necessary in every SEO campaign. In fact, on-page optimisation is deemed to be the first part […]

Infographic On Social Media

Posted by Laurence.

Its all about the numbers: this infographic showcases social media campaigns from six big brands across the various platforms, with their success measured in views, clicks, tweets, and hashtags. You can see the distribution of social […]


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