The real deal behind heading tags (H1, H2 & H3)

Use H1-H6 HTML Elements Properly

How many times have you heard an SEO consultant go on and on about getting H1, H2 and H3 tags straight? Many times obviously. The usage of H1 tags in particular is one of the most popular SEO tricks utilized by SEO professionals. Apart from the written content, H1 tags are considered to be the second most important on-page factors that have a direct effect on a websites rankings.Although the H1 tags havent changed much since their inception, their value has increased due to the massive level of competitive among websites. Heading tags are often used as a base for a search engines crawler. The presence of a clearly visible H1 tag acts as an arrow that points toward the most important part of your site.

H1 tags carry value

The value of a good H1 tag is determined by the power of the keyword it is associated with. We all know that search engine crawlers have a long standing grudge against keyword stuffing. The same rule of maintaining the quality of the content applies to heading tags just as well as the rest of the on page content. Therefore, making sure that you use a valuable keyword on the H1 tag along with some supporting content is a good way to make sure that the crawlers crawl your way.Many people have expressed concern about how the H1 tags are not as effective these days. In reality, they are still just as effective as ever, only if you know how to strike the perfect balance between keywords and content. Aside from H1 tags, H2 and H3 tags are also important when it comes to increasing the SEO value of your on-page content. Once again, people tend to take this the wrong way and scatter heading tags all over the page. The right way to do this would be to have the main title as an H1 while the H2 and H3 tags can break down the main topic into separate segments.The recurring rule of SEO is to make sure that you market your website with keywords without being a flashing arrow. The same guideline applies for just about every single one of your SEO tricks, including the heading tag usage.


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