The new HTTP/2 – Faster WordPress websites, improved SEO

Everyone wants their WordPress site to perform better.

With Caro Creative, you can rely on us to ensure your WordPress website is hitting all of your performance targets and providing site visitors with a fast and enjoyable user experience. We’re happy to announce that we can now support HTTP/2, the latest version of HTTP, which can reduce web page latency and improve SEO.

HTTP 2—or simply “H2” for those in the know—accelerates the transmission of data over HTTP, including encrypted traffic over SSL/TLS.

As we all know, Google considers website speed as a ranking factor, and as a result, the GoogleBot now supports HTTP/2. This means websites on HTTP/2 may get a rankings boost.

HTTP/2, originally named HTTP/2.0 is an upgraded revision of the HTTP protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP/2 is one of many projects aimed at improving your website’s speed.

To check if your website is HTP/2 compliant head on over to

The new HTTP/2 for WordPress websites

The new HTTP/2 protocol release is a great step forward to achieving the fastest WordPress experience.

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