SEO dos and SEO don’ts

Increase traffic to your website

Increasing traffic to your website can be done in many ways. If word of mouth, email marketing and keeping your fingers crossed hasnt worked yet, then it is high time that you do some real SEO to make sure that your site is noticed by those who matter.

Popular SEO techniques

One of the most popular SEO techniques is the strategic utilization of keywords. If you glance at the top of any website that seems to be doing well on the internet, you may have noticed keywords related to the content of the site. This is definitely a do, as title tags with keywords help search engines to index websites and to bring more visitors in as a result. Placing the relevant keywords within the site content is also a good idea. But, make sure to keep the keyword below three percent to avoid looking like spam and a victim of the dreaded keyword stuffing which will only harm the reputation of your site.The next thing is to make sure that your content is relevant to your website. If you are not gifted with the ability of writing something out of nothing, look for a copywriter with experience in SEO techniques and keyword placement to do the job for you. Well written content that is relevant to the main purpose of your site and the product or service you are marketing will increase visitors and make sure that they leave happy. But, make sure that the content is not copied or plagiarized as you will get flagged for stealing anothers work. Investing on the services of a copywriter is not as extravagantly expensive as you think and it will make your site more valuable to a visitor.Ever heard of fashion dos and donts? Some styles look great on mannequins and on runway models but just seem too flashy to take up on everyday wear. Well, it is pretty much the same with the appearance of a website. Flash animation and interactive artwork is very pleasing to the eye but not so pleasing to slow internet connections and search engines. If you are investing on flash animation, make sure to keep it to a minimum as it will not do much to index your site as search engine software does not read the flash in your site.The bottom line is, keeping your website simple classy and to the point will ensure indexing on search engines and keep your visitors coming back for more.


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