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The Ultimate WordPress Website Launch Checklist

Posted by Laurence.

The ultimate WordPress website launch checklist Ah, there’s nothing quite like the day you launch a new WordPress website. All the weeks and months (hopefully not years!) you’ve spent planning, coordinating, organising, designing and developing […]

Some great free WordPress tips and plugins for February

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Since I started as a front-end WordPress developer in Banbury I have already picked up some great WordPress tips and new plugins. Here is a quick summary of my favourite tips. WordPress tips and plugin […]

Increase Your Website Speed

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Increase your website speed From having worked on hundreds of different websites and also browsing the internet daily one thing that I am sure of is that I hate it when a website takes ages […]

Getting off the ground with 6 easy WordPress plugins

Posted by Laurence.

This post was written by Ross Davies. The author’s views below are entirely their own and may not reflect the views of Laurence Caro. Getting off the ground with 6 easy WordPress plugins With its customizable navigation […]

Google Trusted Stores for e-commerce websites

Posted by Laurence.

Shop with confidence with Google Trusted Stores The Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web. Google allows merchants who meet certain shipping and customer service performance metrics to participate in […]

8 Apps For iPhone That Are Better Than The Apple Ones

Posted by Laurence.

8 Apps For Your iPhone That Are Better Than The Ones Apple Made 1. Mailbox instead of Mail Mailbox is one of the most anticipated apps of 2013. The email client uses gestures to quickly […]

10 web design tools every web designer should be using

Posted by Laurence.

Amongst the many mince pies, beer and festive foods over the last two days I thought I would just fit in a quick blog post showcasing some tools that I have used every working day […]

How Secure Is Your Password? Infographic

Posted by Laurence.

Is Your Password Strong? With all of the new and interesting websites that seem to come out all the time, it’s easy to go with what you know when setting up a new account somewhere. […]

Planning Your Website

Posted by Laurence.

What is your website about? A nice simple question but one that will impact upon everything else you do. Even thebiggest of sites can be summarised easily and ideally you can describe what your site […]

Pinterest for SEO – How it affects SEO

Posted by Laurence.

What is Pinterest? Its been getting a lot of hype recently in the Social Media world, and not only from those who like to be creative and love photography and pictures, but also for the […]

QR Codes | So what are QR Codes and how do I get one?

Posted by Laurence.

So what are QR Codes? QR codes are graphics that are becoming more and more popular in web marketing, print media and online. You will see them on leaflets, magazines and on all kinds of […]

Card Design – Funny Valentine’s Day Card Designs

Posted by Laurence.

Funny Valentine’s Day Card Designs I like you and naps Tesco Value Valentine’s Card ..just the way I am I want to grow old.. Be my valentine.. You’d be puurrrrfect.. I wanted to let you […]

9 great shopping comparison and price checker websites

Posted by Laurence.

Shopping Comparison and Price Checker Websites Product Search Engines Product search engines (also known as product comparison engines, price comparison engines & shopping engines) offer a new way for web users to find the products […]

Infographic On Social Media

Posted by Laurence.

Its all about the numbers: this infographic showcases social media campaigns from six big brands across the various platforms, with their success measured in views, clicks, tweets, and hashtags. You can see the distribution of social […]


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