Pinterest for SEO – How it affects SEO

What is Pinterest?

Its been getting a lot of hype recently in the Social Media world, and not only from those who like to be creative and love photography and pictures, but also for the SEO benefits that come with it. Atthemoment you have to either be invited to join Pinterest from a friend who already has an account, or you need to apply to join the waiting list (from general consensus this waiting list does not usually last longer than a week, so dont be put off by this as you will be pinning before you know it.) Once registered you begin creating boards around a subject matter that interests you or is related to your brand. Pictures and photos can be uploaded from your computer onto your boards or they can be pinned from pages off the Internet using the very handy pin it button that can be installed onto your browser. Once you have created your boards you can search around for friends and follow them and their boards or you can simply search for other people and boards that interest you.

Pinterest for Link Building

The great thing about the pictures that you pin onto your boards is that each picture can link back to the URL where more information can be found about it (great if this is a product of yours). This link is a follow link and therefore passes page rank from Pinterest to the website it is linking to. This is fantastic for SEO reasons as it is coming from an authoritative website. However ensure you use this back-linking process with caution, you dont want to start spamming Pinterest with hundreds of links back to your products or services, because you may get ignored.

Re-pinning on Pinterest

If while browsing Pinterest you happen to stumble upon a picture you love or a product you wish to share on one of your boards, you simply re-pin it. This demonstrates a similar effect of retweeting on Twitter. Re-pinning can be hugely beneficial for your link building if others start re-pinning your links and content to their own boards and sharing them with their followers.

Promotion on Pinterest

There are a huge variety of ways to promote your brand online these days, but using Pinterest you can push the boundaries and interact in even more ways withyourcustomers. You could create a Testimonial board allowing customers to review your products/services or even pin new suggestions they would like on one of your boards. You canpromotea new service or product by giving it a whole board to itself, or similarly pin details of an event.You can already like and comment on photos which may also have SEO benefits as well as tie your Pinterest account in with your Facebook. So far 59% of pinners are women between the ages 25-40 and these women make up 58% of Pinterests unique visitors.Pinterest is still in its youth and Im sure there will be a lot more ways in which it can benefit your brand to be discovered. But for now, every little helps when it comes to SEO.


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