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SEO – there is so much more than blogging…

Posted by Laurence.

As part of an SEO campaign, fresh content can be posted in numerous forms; news, insights, white papers, how to guides, case studies etc. It is hugely important to have fresh content on any website. […]

Dollar Shave Club’s F***ing Great YouTube Video

Posted by Laurence.

Useful Takeaways From Dollar Shave Club’s Great Ad How Dollar Shave Club uses humour, social media, and authenticity to nick traditional shaving titans and connect with customers…and get 7.5 million YouTube viewers! Ten years ago, Dollar Shave […]

Google Engage For Agencies Day Event – One Marylebone, London

Posted by Laurence.

My Day At The Google Engage For Agencies Event Yesterday I attended my first Google Engage For Agencies Event at One Marylebone, London. The event was featured some great speakers covering a variety of different topics […]

The Chevy Marketing Guide To Hacking The Super Bowl

Posted by Laurence.

Chevy Game Time Owning The Super Bowl Super Bowl, the biggest TV advertising day in America, has become a crowded place. With over 50 advertisers competing for viewers’ attention, how do you stand out? Check […]

QR Codes | So what are QR Codes and how do I get one?

Posted by Laurence.

So what are QR Codes? QR codes are graphics that are becoming more and more popular in web marketing, print media and online. You will see them on leaflets, magazines and on all kinds of […]

Google PPC: Where does Google make its money in PPC campaigns?

Posted by Laurence.

The most expensive Google keywords.. In Google’s business model the main source of income is Google Adwords. Google make a fortune out of the keywords we type into the search engines in everyday life. But […]


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