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SEO – there is so much more than blogging…

Last updated: Monday July 02nd 2018
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As part of an SEO campaign, fresh content can be posted in numerous forms; news, insights, white papers, how to guides, case studies etc. It is hugely important to have fresh content on any website. Why would Google rank a website that hasn’t been updated since 2015, for example, when competitor XYZ has new content, showcasing their expertise in an industry frequently?

Apart from blogging, people don’t realise how much more there is to do in the background. Link building is one key part of SEO now and everything should come back to a cornerstone page, blog post or key landing page. If the content is there it can be shared and linked back to. It works for us for this website in which have great visibility in the local Banbury area and also across Oxfordshire.

Not many web agencies can back up quality web design with SEO as an add-on :) We pride ourselves on our SEO Hit add-on which targets keywords which we use to optimise your website before it goes live.

Keyword-targeted content simply works as best SEO practice and that won’t change any time soon. Everything revolves around content. For example, voice search which is increasingly becoming more and more popular only exists if the search engines have content to crawl and index :D

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