The Chevy Marketing Guide To Hacking The Super Bowl

Chevy Game Time Owning The Super Bowl

Super Bowl, the biggest TV advertising day in America, has become a crowded place. With over 50 advertisers competing for viewers’ attention, how do you stand out? Check out how  Chevy Game time stole the ad traffic!

VIDEO – How It Was Done..

Chevy Game Time – How They Did It

Over 50 advertisers compete for viewers’ attention during the Super Bowl. So how do you stand out? Chevy decided to add another screen. One hundred million Americans watch the Big Game, but 52% have no interest in it. With smartphones and tablets in people’s hands, they had an opportunity to invent a new way to own the day. Enter Chevy Game Time, a live second-screen experience that lets viewers interact in real time with our commercials and the game itself. It was designed to distract viewers from our competitors’ ads and give them a reason to watch our ads again and again on multiple screens.

Chevy Game Time

How did technology spark the creativity?

On game day, the app came alive: 700,000 app users interacted in real time with the new commercials and the game for a chance to win Chevys. Each time one of the commercials aired, you could win a car by answering trivia questions about the commercial. This got entire Super Bowl parties to watch the ads very closely, multiple times—first on TV, then in the app, then on YouTube. In a unique integration between app and live broadcast TV, every app user was given a personal license plate; and if you spotted your plate in the ads, the car was yours. A good reason to watch a Chevy ad one more time.

What makes this a win?

Owning the Super Bowl? Now there’s an app for that: “Wait, who won the Super Bowl? I was busy playing #chevygametime.” Chevy ranked #1 in Super Bowl buzz (CNBC). Game Time had over 700,000 app downloads in two weeks, was featured app in both Android and Apple app stores, and made Top 10 in Apple App Store, passing Angry Birds and Facebook!


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