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Amazon To Push Past Wikipedia And Be The King Of Google Rankings

Posted by Laurence.

While the SEO industry has spent years decrying how well Wikipedia seems to dominate Googles rankings, it may be that is the real king of visibility.For most of the past 18 months or so, […]

Local SEO – How To Make Your Site a Local Hit

Posted by Laurence.

Increasing demand for SEO With the popularity of online marketing already gaining interests not only from large corporations but also from small enterprises the need for SEO has increased. Online marketing is becoming popular because […]

The Basics of Using Google Analytics

Posted by Laurence.

An SEO company and SEO consultant would constantly require its clients to register with Google Analytics. This is because Google Analytics is a free service from Google that functions to track the traffic that is […]

The real deal behind heading tags (H1, H2 & H3)

Posted by Laurence.

Use H1-H6 HTML Elements Properly How many times have you heard an SEO consultant go on and on about getting H1, H2 and H3 tags straight? Many times obviously. The usage of H1 tags in […]

Pinterest for SEO – How it affects SEO

Posted by Laurence.

What is Pinterest? Its been getting a lot of hype recently in the Social Media world, and not only from those who like to be creative and love photography and pictures, but also for the […]

Google Venice Update

Posted by Laurence.

Google updates its algorithm not far from everyday and it is only those updates which have a significant impact on rankings which make ripples in the SEO world. The Google Venice update is one of […]

Think Visibility 7 – SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media…

Posted by Laurence.

Search, Social Media & Affiliate Conference I attended my second ThinkVisibilty event which is held at the Alea Casino in Leeds twice a year. The events which is organised by Dom Hodgson covers everything that […]


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