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Dynamic online video content and extensive video marketing can help boost enquiries on your website. This category looks at the latest posts about web video.

Examples of Vine used by brands, football teams and well everyone..

Great examples of Vine being used Finally there’s a new way to show off what you’re doing every second of the day. Just when we were getting fed up of still images of foo and everyday life tasks on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Twitter release Vine – the do-it-yourself, six-second video creation app. […]
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Dollar Shave Club’s F***ing Great YouTube Video

Useful Takeaways From Dollar Shave Club’s Great Ad How Dollar Shave Club uses humour, social media, and authenticity to nick traditional shaving titans and connect with customers…and get 7.5 million YouTube viewers! Ten years ago, Dollar Shave Club wouldn’t have stood a chance against the titans who control the men’s razor market. With only about $1 million in seed […]
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