Examples of Vine used by brands, football teams and well everyone..

Great examples of Vine being used

Finally there’s a new way to show off what you’re doing every second of the day. Just when we were getting fed up of still images of foo and everyday life tasks on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Twitter release Vine – the do-it-yourself, six-second video creation app.

This blog post has a look at how brands, celebrities, football teams and pretty much anyone can use Vine video. How can you use Vine video snippets to promote your business online? Here are some examples to inspire you :)


Nice use of the new Vine app by Arsenal Football club. They keep their social media users and followers engaged on match day by giving them a sneak peek into the stadium to make them feel more involved with the Arsenal FC online community. This post had 120 retweets in just a few hours.

Bacardi UK

The Bacardi UK social media guys have started to showcase different cocktail mixes for their followers. The below 6 second Vine video clip shows you how to make a six second cocktail! Nice one.


A bit of fun from the guys at Dove. They recreated a bowling scenario using the products as the pins.

Animate & Create

Animate & Create went for a bit of fun on Valentine’s day with the Vine app doing what they do best.

Union J

Jamie Cullum

Vevo UK



How can I create business opportunities via Vine?

The Vine app, from Twitter has already generated a wave of creativity across the social online community as marketers test out the app vigorously. Here are a few ideas you could use for your brand promotion:


Vine is to video what a tweet is to text. Can you convey a quick message in six seconds?


Six seconds is sufficient time to tell a story and start a conversation.


Journalists are experts in stripping back stories to their basics. They are already early users of Vine.

Product or service

Can you explain how your product or service works within six seconds?

Stop motion animations

Vine allows you to capture a series of short videos and is ideal for creating stop motion animation, itself a fantastic form of storytelling.


Create a video of highlights from your event. It’s a form of reporting.


The simplicity of Vine makes video crowd-sourcing a real viability for brands. Ask your audience to engage with you via a Vine post.

  1. Presentations – forget death by Powerpoint, share the highlights from your presentation in six seconds.
  2. Behind the scenes – share an insiders’ view of your organisation by creating a Vine clip.
  3. Recipes – instructions are already proving popular on Vine. This is likely to be a rich genre for restaurants and supermarkets.

Inevitably as with any other new form of social media Vine will be evaluated and tested to destruction.

Let me know how you use Vine for you business!!



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