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[SEO tools] Which tools should you use?

Posted by Laurence.

Top SEO tools Do you dabble in a bit of SEO for your WordPress website? I would say I am addicted to SEO on this website and it certainly works for me. I am getting […]

Using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Posted by Laurence.

Using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer? Don’t…and you’ve got until January to upgrade It’s about time! Microsoft has confirmed it will be ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer in January 2016. […]

Clearing Default Field Values on Gravity Forms

Posted by Laurence. Tags: , , ,

Clearing Gravity Forms default values on click I have recently started using the WordPress Gravity Forms plugin since I started as a Web Designer at the start of the year. It is a great plugin! […]

Examples of Vine used by brands, football teams and well everyone..

Posted by Laurence.

Great examples of Vine being used Finally there’s a new way to show off what you’re doing every second of the day. Just when we were getting fed up of still images of foo and […]

Detect screen resolution – What is the resolution of my monitor?

Posted by Laurence.

Your screen resolution and color depth are: x x (width x height x color depth) Your display aspect ratio is: Screen resolution is the number of pixels your monitor have in horizontal and vertical dimensions. […]

Detect screen display size tool – What is my display size?

Posted by Laurence.

Your display diagonal is: Display dimensions (width x height): ” x “


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