Your website marketing secret weapon: blogging.

Blogging plays an essential part in the drive to get high search engine rankings.

Developing your website? Then make sure your new website design has a blog in place. By having a blog you can help visitors to discover your website and build trust on your chosen topics. It makes keeping in touch and keeping your customer informed much easier.

Getting your website found by search engines such as Google is a top web marketing priority. There are many benefits for SEO with the use of blogging and it will help drive your site higher on the Google rankings.

Google loves fresh content.

The blog allows for fresh content to be added to the site and it also alerts your visitors that you are on the ball in your industry. Google also love fresh content. You blog post are typically written about one topic so its a nice way to target specific keywords that you want your website to be known for.

Blog posts also tend to acquire links from external websites, whether this is in the form of a basic link to an article of interest, trackbacks, links from blog directories etc. Of course RSS feeds can ping Google the moment a post is published ensuring that new content is quickly added to the Google index.

 Keep in touch with your customer base.

An important benefit of blogging is the ability to keep in touch with your customer base. Blog comments and discussions are a great way to engage with your site visitors and this can easily be moderated by yourself.

There is the relatively new authorship mark-up that Google loves to see on their results pages. You may have seen this in which a photograph of an author of the web page is shown on the search results. Google is looking for quality content to display in their searches from quality sources.


A blog hosted on your own domain (I prefer WordPress) gives you all of the SEO benefits; fresh content on your domain, inbound links to your site, and an experience for your visitors in which visitors can feel in the mix with the latest topics.

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