Why you should use WordPress & WooCommerce for your e-commerce website

As a website shop owner, you will face important decisions on a daily basis. However, some choices will have a far greater influence on your business ventures than others. Selecting a platform to host your website and e-commerce systems is possibly the most important of all. After all, this will be your direct form of communication to your customers. Competition is fierce. If your company is lacking in this area, potential clients will end up taking their custom elsewhere.

In today’s market, there’s a strong likelihood that the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce will be your best option. There are many reasons for this, but it essentially boils down to providing a better service for both you and your customers. Here’s why:


One of the hardest challenges for any online SME is gaining the trust of potential customers. Gaining that initial sale is often the toughest hurdle of all. Once you’ve secured a new client, providing them with a winning service should be enough to keep them loyal. But the main problem is converting that first transaction.

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It’s only natural for online customers to have a few apprehensions. However, you can put their fears to bed by using a system that they are familiar with. WordPress has been used by millions of websites for years, and all web users know how to navigate those pages effectively. Meanwhile, WooCommerce has grown massively over the past few years and has received 13.8 million downloads in 2016 alone. In fact, over one in three e-commerce platforms is now powered by the system. And that gives it a huge advantage over Shopify, Magento and other competitors.

Besides, that many online retailers can’t be wrong.

Larger Audience

Taking the online pathway offers many benefits. Arguably the most important, however, is the opportunity to serve a larger audience. With more customers, you stand to gain far greater revenue. Ultimately, those increased profits are the main motivation behind any major business decision.


The key to maximizing your potential here is to understand audience trends. Nowadays, your audience is just as likely to access your website via their smartphones or tablet devices. Therefore, being fully optimized for the smaller screens is a must. Without these functions, you could be missing out on over half of the potential audience. Let’s face it; nobody is going to keep visiting the site if the information is scattered in an unreadable fashion.

WordPress templates are automatically built to incorporate mobile optimization. Likewise, the WooCommerce platform will fit in seamlessly. This will allow you to target the largest audience possible, which can only be good news for business.

Easier Management

Your priorities should always lie with the customer’s best interests. However, it’s impossible to serve the audience properly if the platform confuses you. The backend management of both WordPress and WooCommerce is particularly easy.


Downloading and installing plug-ins also make it very easy to link your e-commerce facilities. MailChimp, PayPal, and UPS are just three common add-ons that can take your service to the next level. Not only does it make the management side of things easier to control, but it can also save ample time. And as we all know, time is money.

The backend management can even be accessed via smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you can make updates even when you’re away from a computer. Driving the business forward has never been more accessible, and this can only produce a better service for the customer. The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce is a clear winner all round.

Value For Money

The choice of selling platform is far too important to be cutting corners, and you need to ensure that your company is powered by a winning platform. Nevertheless, this is still a money-orientated decision, and you should have no issue with seeking the best value on the market.

Both WordPress and WooCommerce offer this in abundance. It’s possible to operate both systems for free. In truth, you’ll probably need to add a few extra plug-ins to see the best results. However, the fact you’ll only pay for the items that you actually need ensures better value for money. There’s nothing worse than paying for a huge package when you only need half of the features. Unfortunately, this is often the case with some of the aforementioned services.

Running the best platform for the best price will inevitably give you more room to offer more competitive prices too. You’ll also have more funds for marketing and customer care services without reducing profit margins. And if it helps keep the customers happy, it’ll result in greater satisfaction for you too.

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