WordPress support is just a click away!

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms out there when it comes to building websites for different purposes, but this means that WordPress issues are common too.

We’d all love to be able to use WordPress with no problems, but even the most experienced WordPress developer or user isn’t immune to things like the white screen of death. You could experience issues with your WordPress website for a number of reasons; bad coding, an unruly plugin, and the list goes on. Good news though…

WordPress support is just a click away!

There are a number of ways you can get the WordPress support you need. We’ve put together some ad-hoc support items for the most common WordPress fixes & products. You can also get WordPress support via our WordPress support request form for a number of different problems.

WordPress support request form

WordPress support and help

WordPress help for beginners and free WordPress help is available on our website in the form of blog posts and insights, but if you’d rather not attempt to fix your issues yourself, there are a number of services you can look at.

The WordPress support services offered by Caro Creative are affordable, reliable and the service is fast and efficient. You want to make sure you can use your WordPress website with ease, and that your audience are enjoying their experience on your site. If they aren’t, visiting you can be frustrating and they’ll go elsewhere. Even regular visitors will begin to leave you if you fail to maintain your site and fix your problems.

Here are just a few of the services offered from Caro Creative and why you may want to use them:

WordPress infection clean up

Maybe your WordPress site has been hacked or developed some kind of infection. This can damage your online presence and do other harmful things to your site – some of them quite unspeakable!

Sometimes it may seem like an infection but there may be other problems at hand. Our WordPress infection clean up will determine what’s going on and eradicate the problem. WordPress infection insurance can then protect you from further infections later on down the line, so you can go about your business with peace of mind.  

WordPress speed up service

A slow website can affect numerous things in business. Your reputation, your customer service, and many more things can suffer. If your WordPress website is too slow to load or use, your audience are going to start looking elsewhere for their needs. Speeding up page load times (and performance) and keeping it that way is key to achieving online success!

Just a few benefits of this service include:

Avoid frustrating your users and give them an all round better experience with this speed up service.  You can expect significantly higher conversion rates too, so the ROI is more than worth it!

WordPress upgrade service

The WordPress upgrade service ensures that you always run the most up to date version of WordPress, as things are constantly being updated. The service will make sure you’re not at risk so that you can continue to focus on running your website and business.

WordPress website restore service

The WordPress website restore service pretty much speaks for itself. Sometimes, if you’ve had an issue with your WordPress site, you may need to restore it from another point in time to get it back up and running. This service can save you time and hassle, getting the job done to the highest standard as quickly as possible. Minimum downtime is key here!

WordPress white screen of death repair

The white screen of death is something every WordPress user comes up against at least once. Why is it called the white screen of death? Imagine logging into your dashboard to be met with nothing: no error code, no message, nothing. Just a white screen. You’re at a loss as to what has caused this issue, so fixing it can be difficult. You may not be able to use your website properly to fix the issue either. You need to make sure the white screen of death doesn’t defeat you.

The white screen of death can be down to a number of things. This service identifies what the problem is and rectifies it to ensure a seamless browsing experience once again. Avoid the frustration associated with the blank screen and save time fixing your problem.

All of the WordPress support you could ever need is just a click away. Whatever your issue, however small or large, Caro Creative can be of service to you with the many products and services on offer. Don’t suffer for a second longer and get in touch today.

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