Why WordPress for website design?

Why you should use WordPress for your website design.

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best website systems available, used by millions of blogs, websites and e-commerce websites across the web.  Approximately 18% of all websites online are built on WordPress. It isn’t easy to start developing for WordPress if you don’t have background knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and databases. WordPress development mainly focuses on the development of add-ons, plugins and themes in which can be custom designed to suit your needs.

I provide high quality WordPress website development that is at a very reasonable price. As a freelancer I don’t have the overhead costs of an office, electricity, staff etc. The websites I develop have a unique, bespoke design and are developed with SEO in mind.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be using WordPress.

1. Save money on development and update costs.

No longer do you need to send the most basic text changes to your designer or even have your designer add new pages for you. Make the edits yourself whenever you want and save the money you would’ve paid your designer for more important things by adding new pages on your own. Times are tight and managing your own content for your Web site is a great way to contribute to saving costs.

2. Greater accessibility

Make changes or add content from any computer in the world with Internet access and a browser without the need for additional software or fixing firewall settings.

3. Speed of communication

Since you don’t have to wait a few days for your website designer to make basic changes, the content on your website can be altered immediately by you, thereby giving your website visitors fresh content as soon as it is ready to publish.

4. Consistency

No matter how many pages you add to your website, page template format makes visitors less confused and gives structure to your entire website.

5. Social networking friendly

Automatically integrate your blog posts with social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more platforms instead of having to go to each one, login, and make a post that you’ve just added something new to your website. I also recommend a tool could IFTTT which stands for “If this than that” in which you can setup rules to post one social status that relays around all of your social networks. A very good tool!

6. Engage with current media

Easily add audio and video to posts and pages. Multi-media such as video tends to keep visitors on your site for longer as people are so used to engaging with them.

7. WordPress SEO friendliness

The way the WordPress blog platform is coded is very well optimised without excessive HTML code that Google finds very inviting for indexing. Plus, with the right setup, you are able to customise every website page or post you create to give you the highest possible probability of getting your pages high up in the search results pages for your keywords.

8. Growth potential

No need to update navigation when you add pages; links to new pages will be added automatically based on what “category” or categories you assign your posts and pages to. This all happens in the WordPress admin area instead of manually editing javascript menus and complex PHP include files.

9. Improved security

One of the subjects “against” WordPress or other blog software that use plugins (plugins are small add-on programs to enhance the capability of the blog software) is that hackers can break in to your website. But, the exact opposite is in fact true: If you have the right people involved in the setup of your WordPress installation, your blog site can be hacker-proofed even more securely than a traditional website. How can that be true? Because there is an actual process to “hardening” a WordPress installation. But, you just don’t hear designers or developers hacker-proofing traditional websites. See the difference?

Please note: In all my time as a web designer I have never had a WordPress website hacked. (Hackers…that isn’t an invitation!!)

10. More brand awareness

Since the common approach with a blog site is to build out the site into an industry-specific authority resource with hundreds or even thousands of pages of content, the number of opportunities for the general public to see your brand identity is multiplied exponentially over and above the traditional 10 to 30 page website.

11. Automated syndication

Blog posts can be automatically converted to RSS feeds and syndicated to blog directories and other peoples’ websites.

12. Regular upgrades

Unlike traditional website software like Dreamweaver, Photoshop or Flash, upgrades to WordPress blog software is free. Please seek advice from aWordPress expert and back up your files and database before updating your site.

13. Open source platform

You’ve got to be careful these days. With traditional websites, very rarely will a new service provider agree to pick up where the old designer or developer left off. The result is that the new provider will want to charge you for starting from scratch. Conversely, almost anyone with basic PHP and MySQL experience can jump into your WordPress blog site project in a moments notice if something was to happen to the helper(s) that got your website setup for you in the first place.

Okay, so I just couldn’t stop at 10. There are just so many reasons why WordPress is a great fit for practically every website design scenario.

WordPress is designed for growth.

WordPress is designed especially to allow for it to be extended to include features that are specific to your industry. The WordPress plugin directory allows integration for tailored features to make a website do whatever you require. Whether it’s an eCommerce extension, business directory, a map to your premises, a members area, WordPress is up to the challenge and more!

If you are looking for Web Design or WordPress design in Oxfordshire or nearby give me a call on 07782 299046 so that we can discuss a WordPress web design that’s right for you.


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