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Website Redesign


Website Redesign

The web is a very fast changing environment and it is important that your website remains up to date with current trends and user experience. An out of date website can have a negative effect on how your business is perceived by potential customers/ clients. If you are looking for a website redesign we are the perfect choice.


Do you need your website redesigned?

  • Is your website up to date?
  • Is the look and feel appealing?
  • Is the design compatible with search engines?
  • Does it illuminate a professional image?
  • And most worthy, is it generating leads/sales?

Case Study: Website Redesign – Buywise Domestics

Changing the look and feel of your site is an important aspect of a websites maintenance. Please feel free to read my blog post on the Website Redesign for Buywise Domestics.



  • A 50% increase in website traffic from 4,100 visits in December 2012 to 8,300 visits in December 2013.
  • Increased sales orders through the website.
  • Increase in telephone sales.
  • Sales were targeted to the whole UK rather than just to Oxfordshire and Warwickshire and this has shown significantly in delivery schedules.
  • Maintained a bounce rate of under 37%. We aim to get this under 30% in the next few months.
  • An increase from approx. 2,000 to 5,260 pages now indexed on Google as a result from changing the category and product page layouts and structure.

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