To blog or not to blog

Blogs are great for a variety of reasons…

From a visitor point of view, it’s a great way for visitors to get to know your company and possibly the person behind the company, especially if it showcases your more relatable human side. With a blog, you can be more informal and get your personality across! It also positions you as an expert in your field.

From a website design/ SEO services point of view, this is an opportunity to add more content to your website with a focus on your keywords and expanding your keyword cloud. Plus by making it a regular blog Google will consider your website to be very active and will rank it above less active sites.

If you currently have a separate blog consider combining it with your existing website for maximum benefit. This will help increase the domain authority of your website domain rather than for domain like

The secret to blogging is little and often!

Struggling with having time to blog?

Make a list of people who could add relevant content to your site and ask them if they will blog for you. It’s a great way to get your name out there in your industry whilst adding valuable content to your website. Don’t be afraid to let your guest bloggers have a bio section on their blog posts as there is a good chance they will want to share their post with their own followers and peers.

Website design SEO services

Blogging will pay off! Your traffic and backlinks will keep going up if you can get a regular blogging calendar set up.

To get those all important backlinks to your website why not see if you can be a guest blogger on someone’s site – you could simply re-word an existing blog you have written (don’t copy it as Google penalises you for duplicate content)… to reduce the man hours or write a totally original blog that links to your site.

3 top blogging tips

Check out these quick blogging tips to make people want to read it!

  1. Don’t write a blog as a sales message – write it as an advice column
  2. Engage your readers by making it a conversational tone – talk with your reader, not at them! Ask rhetorical questions…
  3. Compose a deliciously enticing headline to get them to click through…

How to start your next blog post

So, you might now be considering writing a blog by now. If you are not already… but how to start that all important paragraph?

Follow this simple three-step rule.

  1. Empathise with your reader and tell them they are not the only ones struggling with a specific problem.
  2. Promise the reader your solution will make their life easier.
  3. Reassure your reader that your tips are quick and easy and will result in a solution to their problem.

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