Think like Google

Think like Google and get SEO results!

Whenever word comes out about a Panda update or an upgrade to Google search, the SEO community and website owners start twitching and panicking. Why? Most web owners and SEO specialists are on an endless, losing battle with Google. Instead, it’s time to start considering Google as a friend and to try and understand it rather than covering your ears and backing down into a corner whenever an update strikes.The first step of understand that Google is not at war with website owners. It is a search engine and the job of a search engine is to offer relevant results for search terms entered by web surfers. Since some websites are trying to sneak their way into the rankings by mentioning these search terms, or keywords, without the creation of coherent content that someone can make sense of. So, the first step of making sure that the next Panda Update doesn’t kick you out of the rankings is to make your content valuable and useful.

It’s not all about good content

But on-page content is not the only thing Google is keeping a close watch on. Websites cannot beat the massive competition for the top spots solely with the aid of on page content. Inbound links from external sources also generate a sizeable portion of the traffic generated by a website. One of the most effective ways of generating inbound links is by posting articles on article directories. As directed by the latest Panda update, certain article directories have been labelled with the undesirable content farm title and were dishonoured. The reason for this is the fact that most of these directories are a breeding ground for poorly written articles stuffed with keywords and uploaded with the sole purpose of exploiting the directories popularity. In the end, the blacklisting of these popular article directories affects the rankings of those who have posted the sub-standard articles.Of the quality of your content is not an issue, you may think that algorithm updates are irrelevant. In reality, it is important to keep updated and adjust when the need presents itself during a major change. However, the wisest choice is to continue researching, reading and testing to find effective and legitimate methods to boost your rankings as time goes by. Bear in mind that Google is evolving with time and is thinking of providing a satisfactory web searching experience for its users. To be truly successful as an SEOΒ services provider or a website owner, you need to think beyond climbing the ranking lists.


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