When should you redesign your WordPress website?

Is my WordPress website not good enough?

Are you having trouble convincing your team to get a new website? This blog post will aim to give you some ammunition to help your argument for a website redesign. The digital industry is changing every day. Whether it is Google updating their algorithms, a new iPhone launch or a new mobile device entirely launching (e.g wearable devices) you always need to keep an eye on trends in the digital marketing world.

How often do people update their website?

I do feel very strongly that websites need a refresh or at least updating every few years but some industry changes can force us to take action sooner.

There isn’t really a set time period for when websites should be redesigned. It’s more about keeping up with the latest web standards and trends.

Here are a few recent factors that have led to clients deciding on a website redesign:

Fully mobile friendly websites

Responsive web design is a must for all websites today. All of my websites are built to be responsive to all screen sizes. In the last 3 months, 20% of all traffic to this website has been via mobile and tablet devices.

Search engine optimisation

Optimised pages and posts using the premium Yoast SEO plugin ensure that your site is well optimised for your keywords.

A bespoke WordPress theme

WordPress theme development has come a long way in recent years. the theme that I use on my client sites is a really light theme in terms of code to ensure that it loads quickly whilst meets the latest HTML and CSS coding standards.

Website hosting

Google don’t like to displays websites in their search results that are slow and insecure. They are all about improving the user experience for their users. I would recommend that you migrate your website over to either a Heart Internet or WP Engine hosting account.

SSL certificates

Google also want to avoid displaying sites in their search results that aren’t using an HTTPS connection. That’s the green padlock you often see in the address bar when browsing websites. See the address bar for this website as a live example. SSL certificates have only become a ranking factor in the last year or so as Google have been hinting at secure sites ranking higher in search results.

Keyword research

I can assist with some invaluable keyword research at the beginner of a website project that will help you optimise your website for keywords that people are actually searching for. Don’t just guess!


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