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Printing a receipt for customers in WooCommerce

Last updated: Tuesday July 26th 2016
Reading time: 1 minute

Is there a way in WooCommerce for printing a receipt for customers?

Most WooCommerce users can only typically find an option to email an invoice. I have had a few requests from WooCommerce site owners seeking advice on how to print order details, order receipts or a delivery not to enclose with an order when it is despatched. Luckily, there is a solution for this.

Can’t see an obvious way of printing WooCommerce receipts?

It’s not built into WooCommerce at the moment but there is a great plugin for this.

View the WordPress Plugin page

WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note

Although the development of this plugin has been ceased the plugin still works like a dream!

How to print invoices in WooCommerce

You can print out invoices and delivery notes for the WooCommerce orders. You can also edit the company/ shop name, company/ shop address and also add personal notes, conditions/policies (like a refund policy) and a footer imprint.

The plugin adds a new side panel on the order page to allow shop administrators to print out the invoice or delivery note. Registered customers can also print their order with a button that is added to the order screen.

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