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What, in your eyes, makes a specialist? Is it experience based or certain training? It’s good to know how others perceive each other.

  1. Someone who has at least 5-10 years actual, immersive experience
  2. Someone who understands search algorithms and can keep up with progressive trends and algorithm changes
  3. Someone who takes a realistic view of what SEO is and how long it takes
  4. Someone who knows that algorithmic technology is split for every single keyword niche and that no 2 SEO factors align the same between search terms
  5. Someone who knows how to prioritise time to maximise output within retained time – maximum SEO benefit – lowest cost to client
  6. Someone who understands the importance of quality within SEO

Actual immersive experience is key. There are so many SEO’s who’ve read a handful of MOZ posts and used WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO and all of a sudden they are a specialist. There is so much more to SEO!

What makes someone an SEO or Digital Marketing expert?

The main question is what makes someone an SEO or Digital Marketing expert? Years of experience? Clients served?

Someone who has experience and is able to maintain their knowledge inline with the industry. SEO has progressed more in the last 3 years then all the time behind it. A good SEO is an SEO consultant who not only understands the marketplace but one who also exercises diligence when it comes to setting client expectations. The best SEO consultant knows how to prioritise a campaign around the factors that matter most within budget.

If you’re looking for help with your website SEO in the Oxfordshire area, then give us a call today! We don’t just build websites, we build a relationship with you to improve your online presence in order to get your business found.

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