Video Interview: Heart Internet (Web Hosting)

At first I was a bit sceptical with the idea of being interviewed (and filmed)…

Heart Internet, who I use for hosting the majority of my client websites contacted me at the end of 2015 regarding a video testimonial to talk about the hosting services that I have used since I created an account with them back in 2010. Nerys Evans, Customer Research and Online Reputation Manager at informed me that Heart Internet were refreshing its whole website with the focus being on customers, business owners and how they are interacting with the products and services.


At first I was a bit sceptical with the idea of being filmed and interviewed…but I did welcome the challenge.

Nerys explained that she and the team would like to come to my place of work with a professional photographer and video team. In exchange for my time, Heart Internet offered the professional photographs and video footage from the day for use to promote my own services, as well as exposure for Caro Creative with a case study and profile on the brand-new Heart Internet website. This is looking to be promoted through social media channels early in 2016 so watch this space!

The Interview Process

Before the interview Nerys did send over some of the type of questions Heart would be asking. The aim from the questions was to enable Heart to create a story for Caro Creative.

Website Designer Banbury Oxfordshire

The testimonial day consisted of an interviewer, who asked questions about my background, Caro Creative and the challenges with running a web design and digital business. Whilst this was happening, and after, a few professional photographers took shots of myself and my colleagues working.

Website Hosting Banbury

Here’s a few of the questions they asked from the day:

Website Design Banbury Oxfordshire

Keep an eye out for the new Heart Internet website. I’ll post up the testimonial video on social media once it has all been finalised.


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