Good design isn’t cheap, and cheap design isn’t good!

Good design isn’t cheap, and cheap design isn’t good

Design requires an understanding of the value of design beyond trendy styles, a knowledge of who you are, and a trust in me as a design professional to craft effective solutions at an affordable price.


Since each web design project is different in terms of requirements, time scale, complexity and objectives, it’s difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all price for any web project. Accurate estimates require a thorough understanding of all the project components on my part, and a detailed explanation of the requirements and objectives on your part.

Project questionnaires

Before I start working with you I will always request that my web design questionnaire is completed before pricing. I carefully review your responses and follow up with a phone call to discuss the project vision and requirements. Only then can I provide a reasonable price for the project. If my estimate doesn’t come in at a workable price, we can discuss options to scale back project requirements to fit your budget.

“You pay for what you get”

Many business owners think that they can cut back on their web design and marketing expenses but I believe that you won’t succeed on line if you do. With web design and digital marketing I certainly believe “You pay for what you get”. Your website is an integral part of your business, and without a well-built site, you’re leaving potential customers with an incorrect perception of your business. That mistake can have a negative impact on your business sales and overall success.


A website design involves more than just the visual aspect of it. The web design company should be aware of the latest web trends, the best coding practices and tools that should be used to design your website.

You want your business to be different and stand out over your competition’s, right? If you hire the cheapest company and get a generic user interface, you’re not telling potential customers that your business is unique.

What should I expect to pay for a website?

The cost of a website can vary greatly depending on what features you require for your website. For a static website you should expect to pay from around £600.00, this is dependant on how many pages and what features you require. For a dynamic cms driven or e-commerce website you should expect to pay around £1,000+, again this is dependant on the features you require. Ecommerce website typically start from£2500.00.

Anyone can design a website but not everyone has years of experience in this field and knowledge of the latest trends and design styles. Remember it is your company reputation at stake.


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