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Cool, creative 404 error pages. Have you got one?

Last updated: Thursday March 07th 2013
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Got a nice, effective 404 error page?

Having a good 404 error page is something a lot of web design companies ignore or just simply forget about. Has your site got an error page?

Sometimes it may not be your fault visitors landed on error pages, but being able to communicate and direct them back to the home page is as good as a second chance to re-engage a visitor. Error 404 pages can help you do that.

So for a web designer or developer, though sometimes you cannot control the cause of error page, but you can minimize the damages by using a custom 404 page. The page can be used to educate, encourage visitors to re-search, display related information visitors may be interested in or even redirect them back to your homepage.

In this blog post I have showcased 15 cool and creative 404 pages from across the web. The first showcased 404 error page is for a website I work on at NeonLobster Design, The Bakers Federation.

Additional Update: Spotify 404 Error Page


1) Bakers Federation 404 Error Page

Bakers Federation 404 Error Page

2) 404 Error Page

Visit the website

Mint 404 Error Page

3) Elliot Jay Stocks Error Page

Elliot Jay Stocks 404 Page

4) Clever Concepts 404 Error Page

Clever Concepts 404

5) Blog Mixer 404 Error Page

Blog Mixer 404 Page

6) Alarmes 48 404 Error Page

Alarmes 48 404 Page

7) Door Step Diary 404 Error Page

Door Step Dairy 404 Page

8) E-Moxie 404 Error Page

Visit the website

E-Moxie 404 Page

9) Nosh 404 Error Page

Nosh Me 404 Page

10) Lono Creative 404 Error Page

Lono Creative 404 Page

11) Bronco 404 Error Page

Visit this website

Bronco 404 Page Error

12) Distilled 404 Error Page

Visit the website

Distilled 404 Error Page

13) Club Penguin 404 Error Page

Visit the website

Club Penguin 404

14) Blue Fountain Media 404 Error Page

Blue Fountain Media 404

15) Political Tours

Political Tours 404 Page

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