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PPC advertising

Have you found that your PPC Advertising just isn’t quite working? A lot of companies look to use PPC Advertising to boost their online presence but how effective is it?

Think Visibility 7 – SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media…

Think Visibility 7
Search, Social Media & Affiliate Conference I attended my second ThinkVisibilty event which is held at the Alea Casino in Leeds twice a year. The events which is organised by Dom Hodgson covers everything that can enable you to “Make more from your website”, SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Viral Marketing, PR, […]
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Google PPC: Where does Google make its money in PPC campaigns?

Where's Google Making Its Money?
The most expensive Google keywords.. In Google’s business model the main source of income is Google Adwords. Google make a fortune out of the keywords we type into the search engines in everyday life. But which keywords are the ones making Google the most money? This infographic from Wordstream shows us where Google is making […]
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