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Using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Reading time: 2 minutes
Using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer? Don’t…and you’ve got until January to upgrade It’s about time! Microsoft has confirmed it will be ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer in January 2016. From January 12th 2016, Microsoft will drop technical support and security updates for all versions of its browser prior to […]
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WooCommerce website development Oxfordshire

Reading time: 3 minutes
WooCommerce Websites that engage and convert WooCommerce is my e-commerce platform of choice, and with it I can help you engage with your customers to sell your products and services online. I have been lucky enough to work in-house with a few e-commerce businesses as well as working for agencies providing services to help increase sales online. If you are looking […]
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WordPress Website Hosting Crafted For Speed and Performance

Reading time: 1 minute
Caro Creative offer a range of WordPress website hosting solutions to suit all businesses. For those who are particularly interested in blogging, Caro Creative offers specialist WordPress website hosting which comes ready-to-use and can be set up in 2 working days. We pre-install the WordPress platform at no extra cost in our WordPress web hosting account, […]
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Most popular e-commerce website platforms in 2015

Reading time: 5 minutes
This year has been very strong in the development of e-commerce website design. Besides the rapid development of e-commerce, the needs to build online shop websites also increased. Therefore, the technology to build a website in general, building e-commerce websites in particular are being earmarked for the development and upgrading to help customers more easily to […]
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Need innovative digital marketing to grow your company?

Reading time: 4 minutes
Don’t compromise with your website and digital marketing. The primary reason for the success or failure of most businesses nowadays is the success or failure of its’ marketing efforts. This can be both online (digital marketing) and offline (traditional marketing). I’m currently writing this post from outside a villa in the golf resort of Vale […]
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The Ultimate WordPress Website Launch Checklist

Reading time: 24 minutes
The ultimate WordPress website launch checklist Ah, there’s nothing quite like the day you launch a new WordPress website. All the weeks and months (hopefully not years!) you’ve spent planning, coordinating, organising, designing and developing are finally finished and it’s time to unveil your website – your work, even if it’s for a client—to the […]
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