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A story about websites and SEO… [the client gained 170 enquiries!]

Last updated: Tuesday September 12th 2017
Reading time: 6 minutes

A client came to me just over a year ago looking for a new website.

Their previous website didn’t rank on Google at all and as a result they didn’t get a single enquiry via the site.

Fast forward 12 months, and with a slick new, responsive WordPress website design, optimised from the off they have had an impressive 170 new customer enquiries via the site. That’s just over 14 new enquiries a month!!

For those who aren’t aware of SEO and its value, it’s definitely worth looking into!

So, what SEO did I actually do to achieve these results…

A mini SEO campaign

As this was effectively a brand-new website (the old one wasn’t fully visible online!), the initial strategy was to conduct in-depth keyword research to determine how potential customers were searching online for the services. We then provided keyword focused SEO for the pages currently on the website and conducted an in-depth technical SEO and content audit.

Building authority through links and citations

Once the initial foundation of the campaign was in place, we turned our attention to building local links and local citations for the website. As the site did not have any online tenure, it had no inbound links, so it was critical that our initial efforts produced clean, organic and quality inbound links and citations. This could be links from local directories, schools or even similar businesses.

We also used our keyword research to identify multiple content pages that needed to be created and optimised for different types of services offered by the client.


As the focus of the website was to produce a steady stream of quality leads, we implemented proven conversion rate optimisation strategies within the design of the new website. This includes the use of large call-to-action buttons, clear and easy to use web forms and prominent contact details on every page.  We also fixed technical issues discovered during our technical audit with the goal of increasing the overall speed and performance of the site to create a better all-around user experience. Google loves this stuff!

This campaign is the perfect example of how a long term commitment to an SEO program that is content focused and based on solid keyword research will continue to drive traffic and leads over time. We are thankful to our client for their trust and patience; a successful campaign requires a good relationship between us and the client. I’m not interested in just doing a one-off project!

6 tips for SEO on your WordPress site

  • Get to know your customers. Develop 3-4 persona profiles for your typical customers to help you create better content for your audience.
  • Research and identify keywords. Sometimes a dozen keywords with low search volume can generate leads more effectively than one keyword with a high search volume.
  • Put your customer first. When you create content, do so with the goals and interests of your customers in mind. Keywords are important, but lead generation through SEO is most effective when you stay true to your brand and value your customers.
  • Use links strategically. Only link to and get links from websites that are useful to your customers and complement your business.
  • Post new content frequently. The quality of your content is critical, but so is the freshness. Add new content to your website on a regular basis – every week is a good place to start – to ensure your website continues to rank high for specific keywords.
  • Give it time. Search engines crawl billions of websites. It may take a few months to see results, but your hard work will eventually pay off.

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I am a 28-year-old WordPress web designer and SEO consultant based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK. I have designed and maintained sites with over 20,000 pages on large corporate websites, smaller small business sites, and tiny personal websites and blogs. I provide freelance WordPress web design services in my evenings and weekends and also work full time for a local design agency in Banbury. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and on Google+.