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25 Websites with Awesome Backgrounds

Last updated: Monday February 06th 2012
Reading time: 1 minute

In recent years the use of large background photos and illustrations has become increasingly common in web design. In some cases the background image is the most distinct feature of the design.

There are all kinds of different backgrounds that can be used, like nature photos, nature illustrations, and abstract designs. In this post I showcase 25 websites with impressive backgrounds that really make the sites stand out. If you’re looking to make a website or a design memorable, a large background may be a good option.


Karina Samba



Museum of Science and Industry

365 Days of Astronomy

Ecoki iPhone Reader


Ray’s Lab

Shipment App

Nanda & Juan Diego

Small Studio

Wells Riley

Moods of Norway

Inservio Web Solutions

Noah Stokes

Fleming Steele

Digital Love

Centro Genesis

Stephan Siegrist

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Eastpoint Community Church

Havana Bar

Experience Wyndham

Drupalcon DC

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